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United States
I'm a YouTube artist that loves comic books and COOKIES!!! Fun fact, I find aliens hilarious and often find myself writing about them. I am also a member of the LDS church and I show my standards and principles through my artwork. I also like to share a laugh with a friend, and have a lot to say though I don't talk out much. COOKIES!!!
Be still... don't move...

I was wandering around, looking at the ground, hoping no one was following me. I wasn't exactly sure where I was going, or why I had to continue walking, but I did, and that's all that matters. I glared at the ground, dirt and grass beneath my white sneakers. I was angry. At what or whom, I didn't know. I was going away for a very very long time because of it... the thing that made me mad.

Then again... I wasn't sure where I had come from either. Everything was a blur in my mind. All I saw and comprehended was my anger along with my white shoes, and the dark green and brown grown. Had the sun even gone down? I wasn't sure.

There's still time... go back.

I balled my fists. Whatever had ticked me off had really done a number on me. I hadn't been that mad since my dog had died, at the wheels of my best friend's car, no less. That was a long time ago. How long had it been? I was fifteen, so... maybe four years ago? Three? Why didn't I remember this? I should have remembered this considering me and Jack weren't friends anymore after the incident... was his name Jack? He had been my nemesis since then... I should have remembered...

You'll be sorry... you're better off if you don't find me...

Ugh... My head didn't feel right... my feet never stopped moving though...

Don't get near me...

I drew nearer to the voice in my head.


The Hotel

I didn't wake up, though it felt like I did. I stood still, staring at the same old beat-up sneakers I had looked at while walking here. However, dirt and grass didn't crunch beneath my feet. Instead, a cobble stone path slid under my shoes, the stones being polished and a surprisingly beautiful shade of grey. All the previous anger and pressure had vanished and I stared blankly at the stone. I blinked, then looked up.

The world around me started to form into my consciousness. Behind me was the same cobble path leading into a grove of trees. To my sides were grassy hills, void of all flowers and bushes. There was nothing in the distance that I could see. The inky blackness of night shrouded my vision of any hills or mountains that may had been looming in the distance. Not even stars shone through the dark void.

The wind blew constantly at my back, making my short dark hair flutter around my cheeks. The breeze froze me each time I looked back at the grove of trees, though I still wasn't about my senses at the time, so I didn't much mind. However, when I looked forward, the icy wind turned into a tropical gust, urging me to look forward. Not feeling up to fight with the wind, though looking back I realize how ridiculous that sounds, I looked forward toward the top of the hill I was climbing and stared at what can only be described as a hotel.

Mainly because there was literally a flashing sign on it that said "Hotel".

It's exterior was white, which greatly contrasted with the inky backdrop of the scene, and it was at least three stories tall. It looked like an old hotel, but a nice one never the less; like a colonial house complete with circular accents and romantic roman pillars. The curtains in the windows were a hollywood red, and every single light shone brightly with in the rooms. The entrance had a red over hang where the flashing neon white "Hotel" sign was. The doors were accented gold revolving ones which slowly spun.

I stared at the building's beauty, never really thinking any building had been beautiful up until that point. I took a step toward it, and was instantly transported to the revolving doors.

It was about this time I started to gain my usual wit about me. That wasn't right... I had been at least ten yards away from the hotel. There was no way possible that I could have made it to the front of the hotel in just one small step. I looked back behind me, the once green fields and forest now covered with a thick layer of snow! I would have stared in disbelief, but the wind hit my face with a blast of cold wind, making me back up into the gold revolving doors. I staggered as I was pushed by glass and metal into the building, tripping on my own two feet until I landed flat on my back on the red welcoming carpet. I stared at the tall vaulted ceiling, art imitating the sistine chapel above me, then sat directly up, watching as the revolving doors came to an unnerving and sudden stop. 

Silence ensued... nothingness comforted me...

"Hello!" A cheery voice echoed through the mind numbing quiet. I jerked my head toward the voice, spying a brown desk with a teenager standing behind it. I panicked in my mind, but stared blankly at the boy. It was better when I was alone.

The boy had neatly combed brown hair with faint freckles dotting his cheeks. He wore a vest and white shirt with a blue neck tie, something that looked very out of place from the red and gold theme of the hotel. He smiled vibrantly as any hotel front desk employee should. However, his over-enthusiastic smile isn't what made me feel uneasy. It was his yellow vacant eyes. 

"How can I help you today, miss?" The boy blinked, putting his hands on the desk, looking eager to please... or kill. That's another thought that crossed my mind.

"I..." I started to say, but then stopped. My mind was completely blank! Why was I there? Where had I come from? I knew I came from somewhere, but I wasn't sure where! "Wh-... Where am I?"

"You're in my hotel!" The boy replied, walking around the desk and walking toward me. I scooted back away from him. I didn't know much at the time, but I knew yellow eyes were not natural, and whatever had happened to me was not natural; this whole thing wasn't natural!

"Uh-huh... and where is that exactly?"

"You ask a lot of questions." The boy chuckled and reached out his hand, expecting me to grab it, "My name is Mister Folster. What is your name?"


*** This is just a little story that I thought of while watching a YouTuber's minecraft role-play. You should check her out with her series called "Mystery Hotel". Her name is Shubble:… I was really inspired by her "mystery Hotel" series and thought it was an interesting concept. So I did what any writer/ illustrator would do... take my interests and inspirations and try making an entire story about it! I think that I'll just write this when I feel no inspiration to draw or work on other things because I've been in a creative slump lately, especially with working on "Haunted Cosmos" all the freakin' time. That and with going to different colleges, and trying to figure out new living arrangements with my new full time job, I've been stressed and haven't been putting my best effort in my drawings. Hopefully, this small story (Or large, you never know) will help me get out of my slump and help me connect with the people who watch me too.
At any rate, thank you, and goodnight!


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